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LED lighting industry stepping into high quality track

December 13, 2021

Lead: China's lighting network analysis, the domestic LED industry that has experienced long-term market tempering and development, and finally enters the high-quality track in the technological evolution and high-end market evolution. This can be seen from the market structure of the domestic LED industry at this stage. Clue.

LED lighting is a business, it is an era. Survival or destruction, this is a problem!

This year's LED lighting application market began to show an interesting situation: the small and micro-lighting processing enterprises that rely on low-cost and inferior imitation of production volume encountered many obstacles; the large and medium-sized scale LED lighting enterprise R&D technology gradually accelerated the popularization of products. The quality and cost of LED lighting application products began to follow the trend of consumer spending.

At present, LED lighting application consumer market, more than 72 engineering or light distribution designers have begun to respect the brand-name LED products. There are over 100,000 traditional lighting distributors and terminal stores in the country, and more than 85 stores have LED display products for display and sales. National traditional lighting products estimated at the end of last year: 2012 annual sales growth fell below 10 for the first time in the previous year; in the same year, LED lighting applications in the eastern provinces, regional sales accounted for more than 40%; in LED engineering In the field of lighting, leading lighting companies in several major distribution centers have broken through 50.

From the Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and East China Yangtze River Delta cities and lighting distribution centers to inspect the first-line lighting terminal, store personnel revealed that more than 85 home lighting customers to buy lights, began to choose or consult LED lighting products. A dazzling array of products, a wide range of products, unclear and misleading, misleading consumers of LED lighting application market chaos, who can open the fog to see the sun? LED lighting application market cake is big, many opportunities, crisis and opportunity, this is the industry The charm is also a new era of science and technology energy-saving industry without first coming, then winning and losing.

Is going hunting in the mountains, or farming in the downhill fields? The LED lighting application market is confused.

Many lighting store owners in Hangzhou and Zouqu are most afraid of LED lighting salesmen who have fallen from the sky in Shenzhen and Zhongshan. These factory salesmen hold the latest LED products, and a book with any preferential policies to find agents or dealers, dead skin, sloppy, some famous door lighting stores, up to nine to twelve calls a day People don't come to visit, visit the door, and tell the store owner the inexhaustible portrayal of the powerful power and grand blueprint of LED lighting. Some businesses put the company's display rack in the store. After a few months, the salesman jumped, and the store owner did not figure out which manufacturer's LED product display rack. These vows screamed that we are the manufacturers of NVC and Opp in the LED era. One call to the company, the person answering the phone did not answer the service consultation and technical questions. Just ask if there is an order. If not, there is no good tone or simply hang. Turn off the phone. The lighting merchants began to hate this group of LED lighting salesmen who went hunting in the mountains and advised each other: fire burglar anti-LED manufacturers.

Some are export-oriented lighting companies to fight for domestic sales; some are LED guns installed in the lamps and lanterns for the LED lighting of the cottage-type cottage manufacturers, as long as they are profitable, there is no product they can not do. Nowadays, with the popularization of technical knowledge, LED lighting application products, from light efficiency, light control, color temperature, lamp efficiency, chip solutions, have certain industries to follow specifications and coefficients, while some small enterprise clerk in Zhongshan and Shenzhen only ask you How much money to make a light bulb or any LED lighting products, can be done with a full mouth promise, in the market LED bulbs from 2.80 yuan to 80 yuan can find manufacturers custom, how a chaotic word.

In the past few years, consumers and the government have been aware that the death knell of manufacturers of counterfeit and low-quality LED lighting has been ringing, accounting for two-thirds of the engineering channels of Chinese lighting, if there is no qualification and program and technical service support system. SMEs have been completely excluded. These years, speculative factories, taking advantage of the immature timing of industrial technology, can not continue to rely on the dream of consumers to gain profits. LED lighting application companies with a little conscience and hope to survive and develop should not be like hunting in the mountains, what should be sold, but should establish their own target market, design good products, take root in familiar channels, grasp core customers, and be precise and excellent. Directly drive the market, find a breakthrough, and make a model project, so that consumers can truly enjoy the new era of life with LED lighting applications. This is just like farmers farming farmland. LED lighting applications must have technological innovation and product features. At the same time, market communication, consumption guidance, and after-sales feedback should be summarized. In the era of LED lighting application, the first companies that are in jeopardy must be: five brands without reputation, no relationship between projects, no features of products, no image of terminals, no sales of channels.

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Home> Industry Information> LED lighting industry stepping into high quality track
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